Where else can I find help or info?

Child Rights Australia is not a legal organisation and can't offer you advice or assistance with a child rights complaint, but you may try these organisations for information and advice:

Child Rights Information Network: a wealth of online resources relating to child rights, including the various bodies and mechanisms protecting child rights, children’s human rights law in Australia, state and ‘shadow’ reports from various countries; a ‘Children’s Rights Wiki’ bringing together information about child rights in one place, an A to Z of child rights and advocacy resources.

Children's e-Safety Commissioner: helps young people act responsibly online and have safe, positive experiences online; provides online safety education and a cyberbullying complaints service.

National Children's Commissioner: located at the Australian Human Rights Commission in Sydney, the national commissioner focuses on the rights and interests of children and federal laws, policies and programs that affect them (eg., social security, family law, immigration).

National Children’s and Youth Law Centre: a community legal centre dedicated to children and young people’s rights in Australia. Located at the University of NSW, they offer free legal advice by email to people aged under 18, while their website has information, advocacy and education resources.

State and territory commissioners:

A list of equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and human rights commissions and Ombudsmans in the various Australian states and territories is available here, courtesy of human rights NGO Remedy Australia.